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The Messenger is typically a social anomaly, and director Amar Kaushik has a flair for expertly sandwiching social satire between slices of fantasy and comedy. In Bhediya, a werewolf’s tenacious pursuit teaches us a valuable lesson about preserving the environment and averting a pandemic. Bhediya has enough punch for those who believe in the power of parables because it is spoken in a common vernacular that requires intentional suspension of disbelief. Today we will guide you through the steps to Bhediya movie download and watch.

Bhediya OTT Release Date

Bhediya, starring Varun Dhawan, will finally be available on OTT on November 25, 2022. The popular OTT service JioCinema now offers the film for streaming. Bhediya was incredibly popular among both supporters and onlookers. It received appreciation for its compelling story and the original universe it presented. Since it was first released in November 2022, the movie has been absent from all OTT platforms.

Bhediya Movie Download Filmyzilla

Bhediya Movie Download is not available on any legal platform you can only watch it at the official Bhediya OTT “JioCinema”. However, a few illegal websites are publishing fake article mentioning that it is available on Filmyzilla and Vegamovies. We ( recommend you avoid following such articles as they may harm your PC and your privacy.

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Bhediya Movie Download Vegamovies

You can only view Bhediya Movie Download through the official Bhediya OTT “JioCinema” as it is not available on other legal streaming services. A few unauthorized websites, however, are disseminating phony articles claiming that it is accessible on Filmyzilla and Vegamovies. You should refrain from following such articles, as they could damage your computer and invade your privacy, advises

Bhediya Movie Download mp4moviez

Like the other 2 websites above mp4moviez will keep you redirecting from 1 page to another to earn ad revenue on their website. Bhediya Movie Download is not possible on any authorized platform. There is very little possibility of getting the real movie downloaded file. We recommend you contribute with your friends and buy a subscription to the OTT Jiocinema App at just Rs.999/year and enjoy all blockbuster movies and IPL matches.

Bhediya Box Office Collection

The public and reviewers responded well to Bhediya. Despite having a Rs 60 crore budget, the film managed to bring in Rs 89.97 crore at the box office. It’s interesting to note that the movie has 7.3 IMDb stars out of 10. The movie received 13 nominations at the 68th Filmfare Awards.


DayBox Office Collection (Producers)Box Office (Trade)
Opening Day7.48 Crore6.75 Crore
Opening Weekend28.55 Crore26.75 Crore
Opening Week42.05 Crore37.85 Crore
Lifetime Collection68 Crore59.67 Crore


India box office Nett 68 Crore
India box office Gross 80.92 Crore
Overseas Gross 10.62 Crore.
Worldwide collections Gross  91.54 Crore

Bhediya Daywise Collection

DayBox Office Collection (Producers)Box Office (Trade)
Day 17.48 Crore6.75 Crore
Day 29.57 Crore9.25 Crore
Day 311.5 Crore10.75 Crore
Day 43.85 Crore3.25 Crore
Day 53.45 Crore3 Crore
Day 63.2 Crore2.6 Crore
Day 73 Crore2.25 Crore
Day 81.95 Crore1.75 Crore
Day 93.7 Crore3.25 Crore
Day 104.36 Crore3.85 Crore
Day 111.25 Crore1.15 Crore
Day 121.15 Crore1.05 Crore
Day 130.9 Crore0.9 Crore
Day 140.85 Crore0.85 Crore
Day 150.95 Crore0.75 Crore
Day 161.4 Crore1 Crore
Day 172.07 Crore2 Crore
Day 180.73 Crore0.5 Crore
Day 190.7 Crore0.4 Crore
Day 200.63 Crore0.4 Crore
Day 210.55 Crore0.55 Crore
Day 220.21 Crore0.21 Crore
Day 230.39 Crore0.39 Crore
Day 240.51 Crore0.51 Crore
Day 250.17 Crore0.17 Crore
Day 260.16 Crore0.16 Crore
Day 270.16 Crore0.16 Crore
Day 280.14 Crore0.14 Crore

Bhediya Movie Cast

Varun frequently portrays selfish, morally bankrupt characters who change. Again, we come to care about the damaged character, who, like many of Varun’s characters, is endearingly foolish as Bhaskar eventually learns to respect nature. He has a good-looking beard, and his sculpted form contrasts with Bhaskar and his guys’ group’s scrawled banter.

Unexpectedly, Kriti Sanon—who looks great in her new haircut—has been placed in a part that doesn’t get enough screen time. Amar is more interested in examining the humorous chemistry between Varun and Abhishek Banerjee, who plays Bhaskar’s friend Guddu, so it doesn’t interfere with the story’s flow. Abhishek has the funniest jokes, and he delivers them with a poker face and ease. Deepak Dobriyal, a seasoned writer, contributes his expertise in word choice, and Paalin Kabak, a recent arrival, adds to the texture.


Is the Bhediya movie available on OTT?

Bhediya Movie Download will now released on the Jiocinema OTT platform on 26 May 2023.

Is Bhediya a hit movie or a flop?

Bhediya Movie was not a big hit at the Box Office.

How to watch the Bhediya Hindi movie?

Watch Bhediya Movie in HD on Jio Cinema App

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