November 28, 2022
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FireNews : China’s protests: Blank paper becomes the symbol of rare demonstrations #FireNews365 FireNews : China Covid: BBC journalist detained by police during protests #FireNews365 FireNews : China Covid protests: Fury and fear of virus puts Xi Jinping in a bind #FireNews365 FireNews : ‘We don’t want Africa to become the world’s bin’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Vlahovic to boost Serbia attack for Cameroon tie #FireNews365 FireNews : The birth pangs of the Grand Theft Auto franchise #FireNews365 FireNews : Clashes in Brussels after Morocco beat Belgium #FireNews365 FireNews : ‘Miya’ Museum: The controversy around Assam’s ‘Muslim’ museum #FireNews365 FireNews : Al-Shabaab terror attack targets Mogadishu hotel frequented by Somali lawmakers, police say | CNN #FireNews365 FireNews : Somalia: Key hotel in Mogadishu stormed by al-Shabab militants #FireNews365

FireNews : Australian families of IS fighters repatriated from Syrian camp #FireNews365

The UN says women and children living in the camps are enduring conditions amounting to torture.

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