November 22, 2022
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FireNews : Tanzania plane crash: Rescue efforts delayed, report finds #FireNews365 FireNews : Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Abercrombie & Fitch, Disney, Best Buy, Zoom and more #FireNews365 FireNews : Instagram ‘wrong’ to take down drill music video #FireNews365 FireNews : Apple and Google face gaming and mobile browser probe #FireNews365 FireNews : Nigeria: Teens upcycle rubbish in modern fashion show #FireNews365 FireNews : Denmark held by vibrant Tunisia #FireNews365 FireNews : Iran must release protesters’ bodies – UN rights office #FireNews365 FireNews : Collapsed crypto exchange FTX has about $1.24 billion of cash in total — but still owes at least $3.1 billion #FireNews365 FireNews : Kenya bans ‘biopiracy’ export of lucrative baobabs #FireNews365 FireNews : Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting, Abercrombie & Fitch and others #FireNews365

FireNews : Bruce Willis denies selling rights to his face #FireNews365

It was widely reported that the actor had sold his face to a deepfake company.

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