September 29, 2022
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FireNews : Félicien Kabuga: Rwanda genocide suspect due to go on trial at The Hague #FireNews365 FireNews : Abortion: India Supreme Court says amended law to cover single women too #FireNews365 FireNews : Nord Stream: Sweden finds new leak in Russian gas pipeline #FireNews365 FireNews : Energy efficiency plan to help England’s low-income homes #FireNews365 FireNews : Sean Turnell: Australian adviser to Suu Kyi gets three years jail in Myanmar #FireNews365 FireNews : Kamala Harris to visit DMZ amid tension over North Korean missile launch | CNN #FireNews365 FireNews : Kamala Harris in S Korea day after North fires missiles #FireNews365 FireNews : Optus: How a massive data breach has exposed Australia #FireNews365 FireNews : ‘Do not bet’: China’s central bank warns against yuan speculation #FireNews365 FireNews : Over 1,700 environment activists killed in decade – report #FireNews365

FireNews : How Afrobeats has become an unstoppable musical force – CNN Video #FireNews365

Afrobeats is a term often used to describe music coming out of West Africa. But in reality, music industry veterans and emerging stars say the sounds coming from the continent’s top artists shouldn’t be confined to one particular genre.

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