November 24, 2022
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FireNews : CEO of $4.5 billion tech firm slams his peers over layoffs: ‘These are humans’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Chaotic scenes as Sierra Leone lawmakers brawl #FireNews365 FireNews : Embolo gives Swiss opening win over Cameroon #FireNews365 FireNews : Kenya looks to avoid doping ban by World Athletics #FireNews365 FireNews : China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide #FireNews365 FireNews : Asim Munir: Pakistan’s former spy chief named as army head #FireNews365 FireNews : TPLF ready to leave past behind to resolve Ethiopia war #FireNews365 FireNews : Drugs: India police say rats ate 200kg of seized cannabis #FireNews365 FireNews : Klarna CEO says firm was ‘lucky’ to cut jobs when it did, targets profitability in 2023 #FireNews365 FireNews : Anwar Ibrahim named Malaysian PM after post-election crisis #FireNews365

FireNews : James Webb telescope’s ghostly ‘Pillars of Creation’ #FireNews365

The new super space observatory captures another stunning view of star birth far from Earth.

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