November 29, 2022
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FireNews : Three Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in West Bank #FireNews365 FireNews : Thai monks fail drug tests leaving temple empty #FireNews365 FireNews : African cricket aiming to ‘swap AK-47s for bats’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Japan death row prisoners sue government to stop hangings #FireNews365 FireNews : World Cup 2022: Inside the ‘secret club’ of Iranian anti-government football fans #FireNews365 FireNews : Spanish coastguard finds stowaways on ship rudder #FireNews365 FireNews : Vivek Agnihotri’s Kashmir Files: Row over Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s comment #FireNews365 FireNews : Ebola in Uganda: The people spreading misinformation online #FireNews365 FireNews : Bird flu: What is it and what’s behind the outbreak? #FireNews365 FireNews : Gujarat election: PM Modi looms large in India state polls #FireNews365

FireNews : Liz Truss phone hack claim prompts calls for investigation #FireNews365

The Mail on Sunday claims the ex-prime minister’s phone was hacked while she was foreign secretary.

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