November 28, 2022
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FireNews : Climate change: Wasted methane gas ‘a scandal’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Ghana edge out South Korea in gripping game #FireNews365 FireNews : Kenya’s ban from global football lifted by Fifa #FireNews365 FireNews : Adani Port: Violent protests over billionaire’s Kerala project #FireNews365 FireNews : Toomaj Salehi: Dissident Iranian rapper could face death penalty #FireNews365 FireNews : Landslide kills at least 14 attending funeral in Cameroon capital | CNN #FireNews365 FireNews : Monkeypox given new name by global health experts #FireNews365 FireNews : Ghana fans look to South Korea and their ‘sweet revenge’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Gunfire heard inside besieged Somalia hotel as security forces battle attackers | CNN #FireNews365 FireNews : Nigeria’s first breast milk bank #FireNews365

FireNews : NI Protocol dispute will not be resolved by 28 October, says Coveney #FireNews365

If devolution is not restored by then, the NI secretary is obliged to set a date for a Stormont election.

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