October 06, 2022
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Breaking News :
FireNews : NI Protocol dispute will not be resolved by 28 October, says Coveney #FireNews365 FireNews : Annie Ernaux: French writer wins Nobel Prize in Literature #FireNews365 FireNews : Nika Shakarami: Iran protester’s family forced to lie about death – source #FireNews365 FireNews : ‘Runaway groom’ Turay loving Swedish return #FireNews365 FireNews : Ukraine war: ‘Mother, I’m scared’ – Zaporizhzhia city devastated by rocket attacks #FireNews365 FireNews : Women hang ‘blood-soaked’ Iran map at protest #FireNews365 FireNews : Greek cliff rescue in double migrant tragedy off Lesbos and Kythira #FireNews365 FireNews : Elon Musk X: What life is like on a super-app in Asia #FireNews365 FireNews : At least 28 killed in attack on Thai nursery #FireNews365 FireNews : Japanese filmmaker sentenced to 10 years jail by Myanmar court #FireNews365

FireNews : Omicron BA.2: What we know about the Covid sub-variant #FireNews365

It is highly transmissible and spreading rapidly across the world, so how concerned should we be?

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