September 29, 2022
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FireNews : Kamala Harris in S Korea day after North fires missiles #FireNews365 FireNews : Optus: How a massive data breach has exposed Australia #FireNews365 FireNews : ‘Do not bet’: China’s central bank warns against yuan speculation #FireNews365 FireNews : Over 1,700 environment activists killed in decade – report #FireNews365 FireNews : Dogs can sniff out stress on owner’s breath #FireNews365 FireNews : Big oil’s toxic emissions from flaring undeclared #FireNews365 FireNews : Moonlighting debate divides Indian firms and workers #FireNews365 FireNews : Philippines martial law: The fight to remember a decade of arrests and torture #FireNews365 FireNews : Israel’s fast-growing trade ties with the UAE #FireNews365 FireNews : Denmark make Qatar World Cup kit protest #FireNews365

FireNews : Shankar the elephant: Plea to send lonely African animal home from India #FireNews365

A teenager has petitioned a court to release an African elephant living in isolation at an Indian zoo.

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