November 24, 2022
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FireNews : Iran football manager confronts BBC correspondent #FireNews365 FireNews : Iran protests: UN fact-finding mission to investigate crackdown #FireNews365 FireNews : Australia: How ‘bin chickens’ learnt to wash poisonous cane toads #FireNews365 FireNews : Binance deploys $1 billion to keep crypto industry afloat after FTX collapse #FireNews365 FireNews : Mercedes-Benz to introduce acceleration subscription fee #FireNews365 FireNews : Cameroon’s Song sings the praises of Swiss striker #FireNews365 FireNews : Algeria fires: Dozens sentenced to death for lynching #FireNews365 FireNews : CEO of $4.5 billion tech firm slams his peers over layoffs: ‘These are humans’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Chaotic scenes as Sierra Leone lawmakers brawl #FireNews365 FireNews : Embolo gives Swiss opening win over Cameroon #FireNews365

FireNews : UK battery firm Britishvolt near collapse as seeks funding #FireNews365

Britishvolt is understood to be facing administration after failure to get funding for a gigafactory.

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