November 28, 2022
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FireNews : Netanyahu signs Israel coalition deal with anti-LGBT Noam party #FireNews365 FireNews : Climate change: Wasted methane gas ‘a scandal’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Ghana edge out South Korea in gripping game #FireNews365 FireNews : Kenya’s ban from global football lifted by Fifa #FireNews365 FireNews : Adani Port: Violent protests over billionaire’s Kerala project #FireNews365 FireNews : Toomaj Salehi: Dissident Iranian rapper could face death penalty #FireNews365 FireNews : Landslide kills at least 14 attending funeral in Cameroon capital | CNN #FireNews365 FireNews : Monkeypox given new name by global health experts #FireNews365 FireNews : Ghana fans look to South Korea and their ‘sweet revenge’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Gunfire heard inside besieged Somalia hotel as security forces battle attackers | CNN #FireNews365

FireNews : Ukraine war: Russia admits mobilisation errors, amid growing public opposition #FireNews365

However, reports in opposition Russian media suggested that up to one million people could be called up, pointing out that one paragraph believed to be about the exact number of the required reservists was omitted (classified) in the published version of Mr Putin’s decree on the official Kremlin website.

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