November 29, 2022
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FireNews : South Africa hero Chris Hani’s monument vandalised #FireNews365 FireNews : Onana leaves World Cup after Cameroon suspension #FireNews365 FireNews : Three Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in West Bank #FireNews365 FireNews : Thai monks fail drug tests leaving temple empty #FireNews365 FireNews : African cricket aiming to ‘swap AK-47s for bats’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Japan death row prisoners sue government to stop hangings #FireNews365 FireNews : World Cup 2022: Inside the ‘secret club’ of Iranian anti-government football fans #FireNews365 FireNews : Spanish coastguard finds stowaways on ship rudder #FireNews365 FireNews : Vivek Agnihotri’s Kashmir Files: Row over Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid’s comment #FireNews365 FireNews : Ebola in Uganda: The people spreading misinformation online #FireNews365

FireNews : Your next job interview could take place in virtual reality #FireNews365

“We have to remember, AI is actually still fundamentally created by a human. [So], first and foremost, I’d be saying to any employer who’s thinking of using it, be it at the interview stage, or even at the exit stage, ‘do you understand it, and to what extent have you spoken to the developer about what data points it uses?’

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