September 26, 2022
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FireNews : Hurricane Ian forces Nasa to shelter Artemis Moon rocket #FireNews365 FireNews : Wall Street’s fear gauge hits highest level since June #FireNews365 FireNews : Molly Russell: Instagram posts seen by teen were safe, Meta says #FireNews365 FireNews : TikTok may be fined £27m for failing to protect children #FireNews365 FireNews : Pound tanking, massive tax cuts and talk of emergency hikes. Here’s what’s going on in the UK #FireNews365 FireNews : Interpol seeks arrest of failed crypto-firm boss Do Kwon #FireNews365 FireNews : Stocks making the biggest moves premarket: Planet Fitness, PG&E, Las Vegas Sands and more #FireNews365 FireNews : Giorgia Meloni pledges to govern ‘for all Italians’ #FireNews365 FireNews : Kenya Kiambu building collapse: Rescue efforts under way #FireNews365 FireNews : Deadly gun attack at Russian school #FireNews365

Joe Rogan: Podcast is staying on Spotify says boss #FireNews365

He believes Spotify should have clear boundaries around the content being published, saying: “We should have clear lines around content and take action when they are crossed, but cancelling voices is a slippery slope,” according to Hollywood Reporter, which has published the letter in full.

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