October 01, 2022
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FireNews : Ukraine war: Russian troops forced out of eastern town Lyman #FireNews365 FireNews : Palestinian deaths toll in Jerusalem, W Bank hits 100 this year #FireNews365 FireNews : Despite success this year, underperformance rates are ‘abysmal’ for large-cap active managers for the long run #FireNews365 FireNews : Ireland’s Future conference being held in Dublin #FireNews365 FireNews : Lev Tahor: Jewish sect leaders arrested in Mexico jungle raid freed #FireNews365 FireNews : Ukraine war: Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant chief detained by Russians – Kyiv #FireNews365 FireNews : ‘The Fed is breaking things’ – Here’s what has Wall Street on edge as risks rise around the world #FireNews365 FireNews : Tesla shows off humanoid robot prototype #FireNews365 FireNews : Tesla boss Elon Musk presents humanoid robot Optimus #FireNews365 FireNews : Burkina Faso coup: Ecowas condemns military takeover #FireNews365

UEA protest song project welcomed by singer Billy Bragg #FireNews365

Billy Bragg says it is “great the songs are recognised” in the University of East Anglia project.

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